PONDER on THIS for Thursday, September 28th, 2017 by Esther and Jerry Hicks in THE AMAZING POWER OF DELIBERATE INTENT

“The expansion of the Universe is dependent on this process: Contrast causes a focusing of desire, and then, through the Law of Attraction, that desire is answered by Source Energy. In other words, when you ask, it is always given.

Many argue that they have been asking, but they are not getting what they have been asking for. And we explain that anytime anyone, from any perspective, asks for anything, it is always given. But the asking that we are referring to is not the formulating of words or sentences, but the emanation of vibrations that exude naturally from you as you explore the contrast. For you cannot cease asking; asking is the most natural and most important result of the contrasting environment in which you are focused.

The reason (the only reason) that people ever find themselves in a position where they have been asking for something that they are not receiving is because they are holding themselves vibrationally apart from their own desire – the vibrational frequencies of what they want and what is dominantly active within them, must balance.”

Esther and Jerry Hicks, in “The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent”

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