PONDER on THIS for Monday, February 5th, 2018 by Michelle Paisley Reed in KEEP UP YOUR SPIRITS

“Your religions are a way to simply the Love and Light you already have inside you, a way to contain and control you into believing their thoughts and viewpoints. Your political systems cause the same illusion of derision. All these “systems” are different ways to keep you small, to continue the conflict and drama, to engage in and prolong suffering.

How do you escape? By opting out. By remembering the true beacon of Light and unconditional Love from which you came, and to which you will return. By reminding each other of who you really are underneath the roles you play in this current lifetime and lifetimes past.”

Michelle Paisley Reed, in “Keep Your Spirits Up”

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Compiler’s Note: I’ve just about finished this book and I have to say it’s WONDERFUL. I highly recommend it for anyone who’s been on the path of spiritual growth for a spell.

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