BEST of PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, July 4th, 2018 by Dr. Joseph Murphy in THE AMAZING LAWS OF COSMIC MIND POWER

“Millions of people believe in a God that sends sickness, pain, and suffering; they believe in a cruel and vindictive Deity. They do not have a good God, and, to them, God is not a loving God. Having such weird, ignorant concepts of God, they experience the results of their beliefs in the form of all kinds of difficulties and troubles. Your subconscious mind manifests your beliefs and projects them as experiences, conditions, and events.

Your nominal belief about God is meaningless. The thing that matters is your real, subconscious belief — the belief of your heart. You will always demonstrate your belief; that is why Dr. Quimby said one hundred years ago, “Man is belief expressed.” Millions of people conceive of a God of caprice, afar-off in the skies, who possesses all the whims of a human being. With such a concept, they are like the businessman who once said to this writer, “I would be all right if God would leave me alone.” Believe that God is love, that He watches over you and cares for you, and that He guides, prospers, and loves you, and wonders will happen in your life which transcend your fondest dreams!”

Dr. Joseph Murphy in, “The Amazing Laws of Cosmic Mind Power”

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