BEST of PONDER on THIS for Thursday, May 16th, 2019 by John St. Augustine in LIVING AN UNCOMMON LIFE

“The truth is that a lot of us are living hollow lives. We claim to have great faith, and yet when it comes to really living it, we often choose to accept the view of the world the media presents to us. Fear is the greatest threat to humanity. There is always something out there to get you in here, be it terrorists, global warming, shark attacks, the bogeyman, you name it. We obsess over our children’s safety and our waistlines and our credit scores. We need to stop and get a grip. We have lost our trust and, more importantly, our confidence.

Think of what the word “confidence” means in Latin. The word con means with, and fides means faith. We have lost trust in ourselves. Think back to your grandparents or spend time around true holy people. They have this amazing rooted trust in who they are. We have replaced inner trust with outer things, and the combination has not only made us weaker, but also very unhappy.”

Dr. Kathleen Hall, quoted in “Living an Uncommon Life” by John St. Augustine

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