BEST of PONDER on THIS for Thursday, June 20th, 2019 by Arnold Patent in YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL

“Society teaches us that success equals ownership of many things. This overlooks the universal principle that no one can own anything. The only way to truly enjoy anything is to let go of it. If you notice that something stays around, then you know it is perfect for you to experience it and enjoy it. If it leaves, you know something else is more perfect for you to experience, at this time.

“Letting go in order to have” is a key concept. It requires a lot of practice. It does not mean we have to divest ourselves of everything. It is strictly perceptual. It means “letting go of the perceived NEED to keep or own any and all of our assets.” Practice it until it really does not make any difference what, if anything, you own. One of the major benefits of reaching this state is that you will not be disappointed or feel loss when the item is gone.”

Arnold Patent, in “You Can Have It All”

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