BEST of PONDER on THIS for Friday, September 20th, 2019 by Alan Cohen in DARE TO BE YOURSELF

“If we observe the natural world as God created it, we see constant change, evolution, and transformation. Nothing in nature stays the same. The majesty and fascination of the physical world lies in its movement, both graceful and dramatic. Clouds delicately form before our eyes, swell to great dark and porous masses, delivery torrents of rain to thirsty plains, and disappear as magically as they formed…Great volcanoes even to this day issue massive explosions of magma that build the earth just as they did at the beginning of time. Truly change is one of God’s unique gifts to a world that would wither of stagnation and boredom without it.

We, as children of a God who becomes ever more colorful in kaleidoscopic forms, must honor the changes which emerge within and around us. To be attached to a form or a plan in the face of all indications otherwise is a statement not of integrity, but resistance. Because we usually see with a very limited vision, we must be open to adapt, adjust, and accommodate along our way if and when a larger or another picture is revealed to us. Flexibility is a high sign of spiritual advancement.”

Alan Cohen, in “Dare to Be Yourself”

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