BEST of PONDER on THIS for Friday, February 21st, 2020 by Stuart Wilde in THE LITTLE MONEY BIBLE

“If you don’t feel you are worthy or if, say, toxic shame was imposed upon you at a young age by your family, you may feel bad or worthless. So it may be hard for you to know you are worthy of love and appreciation. And in this case, you’d also have the tendency to give yourself away too cheaply. You become the suffering servant, abused and vilified no matter how sincere you are. It’s your shame coming back at you. It’s very subtle sometimes; shame is a rotten little critter that tries to eat your sandwiches when you are least aware.

Shamed individuals beg for approval by undervaluing themselves. No matter how good they are and how much they do, they will never feel worthwhile until they heal the shame…

Kick the shame and make yourself feel right, no matter what; otherwise, that pesky critter nibbles on your leg, costing you money all the way. Don’t undervalue yourself to win acceptance. Remember, there’s no shortage of money, and it’s fair and reasonable to charge for your energy and your time; it’s the way you endorse yourself.”

Stuart Wilde, in “The Little Money Bible”

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