BEST of PONDER on THIS for Thursday, May 14th, 2020 by Patricia Aburdene in MEGATRENDS 2010

“Spirituality is today’s greatest megatrend, but where is it taking us? What’s the future of our compelling interest in all things spiritual? To discover the answer, we must first clear up a common misunderstanding. Most of us harbor the belief – reinforced in the media – that a passion for the “inner life” takes us away from the world, rendering us self-obsessed, if not downright selfish. Well, the truth is: It does. But only at first. During the journey’s initial introspective chapter, many instinctively withdraw from the daily grind of modern life. Why? Because, seekers grow more sensitive and too much stress will overwhelm the fresh, emerging spiritual consciousness.

Often we detach in order to heal: As we fill with Spirit, we release a lot of old emotional baggage, find peace, discover a new inner voice – and that requires a fair amount of energy…But later the spiral path of Spirit takes a different turn and we plunge into an exciting new phase: our return to the world. Now regenerated, we come back to society and service…The miracle of spiritual healing strengthens and energizes us. Millions of people, long-time meditators, for example…may have spent a decade or more healing negative patterns. They – or should I say we? – have soaked up so much spiritual energy that we are transformed. Sure, we will still face plenty of new challenges, but for this life, we’re basically cooked: We will not go back to “life before Spirit.” We are chock full of Spirit and consciousness. We’ve hit critical mass. Now what would the Divine do with all that consciousness? Put it to work!”

Patricia Aburdene, in “Megatrends 2010”

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