BEST of PONDER on THIS for Friday, May 15th, 2020 by Laura Alden Kamm in INTUITIVE WELLNESS

“The art of developing self-discipline and patience is like many other pursuits: Your progress will be equal to your practice. And as a component of personal spiritual development, it is an art you alone must take responsibility for as you move toward enlightenment and liberation. Being committed to your path and your intuitive wisdom will create the space in which discipline can occur. It is an obvious result. When you see the subtle benefits of this making a difference in your life, you will become more disciplined in setting aside some time for your spiritual practice.

You might find that laziness sometimes gets in the way of your desire to be disciplined and achieve your goals. When you are lazy, you are in effect not committed to yourself and you doubt your ability to do whatever task you would like to accomplish. Laziness can also lead to complaining, speaking ill of others, or putting blame where it does not belong. Complaining and blaming others actually displaces doubts about your abilities and a lack of commitment to yourself onto an external source. Pull those thought forms back inside and be accountable to yourself.”

Laura Alden Kamm, in “Intuitive Wellness”

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