BEST of PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, September 2nd, 2020 by Nan Akasha in ALREADY RICH

“Does the Universe send you messages? Yes. However, it is almost an epidemic how many people just fall into complacency and think they are not meant to have what they want when something does not work the first time. Don’t give up so easily! Do not look to interpret signs and events as “you are not meant to have this” before you persist. “Well, I really, really wanted to go to this event, but the sign up did not work, so I guess I am not meant to…” These are dis-empowering, false interpretations. If you are willing to give up what you truly desire so easily, and let anything appear as an excuse, you will see little in your life that you really love. People who succeed and have what they want, did not take no, did not give up, they kept looking for the right path.

The Universe does not say no, and does not think you do not deserve. There may, however, be a better path, easier, route or you may need to strengthen some skills, desire or focus, and that is what the signs mean. Choose to see the signs as a way of guiding, and then allow the real message to reveal itself as you move forward. We actually have to be masters of our focus and persist, daily, in focusing on what we want and keep the signal strong and consistent. We are training ourselves, our minds as well as communicating to the energy, the Divine mind, the Universal intelligence. It is this absolute decisiveness and faith that produces the miracles of manifestation. Don’t give up your dream. Read the signs, persist and keep moving forward.”

Nan Akasha, in “Already Rich”

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