BEST of PONDER on THIS for Monday, January 25th, 2021 by Donald Altman in THE MINDFULNESS CODE

“Here is something to contemplate: Only living food that grows on our planet is suitable for our bodies to transform into the energy and sustenance we need. How could our bodies possibly achieve this miracle if we were not made up of the same basic stuff as such food? Every meal can help us grasp this concept a little more. As life sciences writer Lyall Watson points out in Gifts of Unknown Things: “We did not come into this world. We came out of it, like buds out of branches and butterflies out of cocoons. We are a natural product of this earth, and if we turn out to be intelligent beings, then it can only be because we are fruits of an intelligent earth.”

This perspective informs a more compassionate understanding of food. When we ingest foods that are unnatural – including artificial ingredients, genetically modified foods with new molecules unknown to the human body, and inert substances and preservatives – we sever our natural connection to the earth and deny its sanctity in the greater scheme. We dishonor nature, including the nature or our own body, mind, and soul.”

Donald Altman, in “The Mindfulness Code”

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