BEST of PONDER on THIS for Tuesday, January 26th, 2021 by Paul Ferrini in THE ECSTATIC MOMENT

“It is a lonely journey learning to give yourself the love that you seek from others. But once you know how to do it, that love can never be taken away from you. It’s a gift that will be constantly given and received. Once you have learned to love yourself in all your unruliness and complexity, with all your contradictions, your ambivalence, your self-deceptions, once you have learned to love the dark side, the hidden lunar surface of your consciousness – the anger and sadness, the self judgment and feelings of powerlessness – you have mastered the hardest part of the curriculum. The rest of your lessons here will be easy ones. Practicing what you know. Passing the gift on to others. Loving them when they attack you. Telling them “you can do it” when they are trembling in fear and lack of self-confidence. Reminding them that whatever happens is acceptable. It can be worked with.

In other words, you begin your angel apprenticeship. Right here on earth, in this body. Isn’t that a trip? Now when people ask for divine intervention, YOU get to appear in their lives. No, not Jimmy Stewart’s celestial friend. You. The angel in training.”

Paul Ferrini, in “The Ecstatic Moment”

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