BEST of PONDER on THIS for Monday, August 2nd, 2021 by Jerry and Ester Hicks in GETTING INTO THE VORTEX

“Sometimes, even though you are asking for a specific desire to be fulfilled, you are not actually moving toward the fulfillment of your desire, but instead you are actually moving further away from it. And even though you think you are asking for what you do want, you request is actually being made from your awareness of its absence.

You usually feel discouraged when a great deal of time passes while you “work” on your desire, but the results you are seeking do not materialize. We want to help you understand that you simply cannot get there from there: you cannot get to where you want to be when you are keenly aware of its absence.

Rather than saying, “I want more money,” say instead, “I want to feel my financial well-being.” You see, it is possible to feel an increased sense of financial well-being even before the money comes. But when you are focused on the desire for the money, and taking score of the absence of the money, you are Vibrationally defeating your own purpose.”

Esther & Jerry Hicks, in Getting Into the Vortex

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