PONDER on THIS for Tuesday, October 4th, 2022 by Annemarie Greenwood and Marissa Campbell in LIFE: LIVING IN FULFILLMENT EVERY DAY

“The only guarantee in life is change. When you are lost in the promises of some distant future, waiting for the magical day when you will finally be happy, all your energy is draining toward some future event, with little left over for enjoying the here and now. You need to spend your energy wisely…by learning how to accept what is happening in your life right now. By making peace with your present circumstances, you will get a far greater return.

That’s not to say that your life at present is all bliss and flowers…You are working toward a future goal, which is a noble endeavor, but hoping that these actions will make you happier later is a waste of your energy, and it doesn’t help to make you any happier now. Accepting the present does not mean you give up any hope of changing your situation, but it does mean that in order to make any real change, you have to first accept where and who you are. Right here, right now!…We all think that the future out there is full of wondrous possibilities, but everything wonderful happens in the here and now.”

Annemarie Greenwood & Marissa Campbell, in “LIFE: Living in Fulfillment Every Day”

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