BEST of PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011 by Arnold Patent in YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL

“Society places different
values on talents. A person who is talented in business or in the
professions is accorded a higher status than one whose talent is in
sewing, cooking, repairing appliances, or hanging wallpaper. Yet, each
talent is truly equal in value to every other talent.

It is
important that we support ourselves and others in this thought. As our
perception of the value of our talent improves, so will the actual
value, to us and to others. The person who sews, knits or cooks with
great skill, is entitled to the same acknowledgment as the successful
president of a major corporation. Each is entitled to be treated as a
superstar. However, others will always treat us in the ways we wish to
be treated. Until we view what we do as important and valuable, no one
else will.

                              Arnold Patent, in “You Can Have It All”

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There’s a heaven on earth, that so few ever find, but the map’s in your soul, and the road’s in your mind.”

     Dan Fogelberg, in the song “The Wild Places”

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