BEST of PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, January 4th, 2011 by Sanaya Roman in SPIRITUAL GROWTH: BEING YOUR HIGHER SELF

“One way you can tell the difference between the messages from your Higher Self and the messages from your intellect is to note if there is any fearful thought behind the message. Messages from your intellect are often based on thoughts of scarcity, guilt, or a need to protect yourself from some imagined threat. If you are asking for guidance and want answers, do not pay attention to answers you receive that are based on fear, for they are not from your Higher Self.

Higher Self guidance is often subtle and quiet, and is frequently the message that follows the first one you hear. Your intellect may quickly jump in with answers, so when you are reflecting on what action to take, the first or loudest answer you receive may not come from your Higher Self. To receive messages from your Higher Self, get silent, and wait until you sense an answer that is reassuring and loving.”

           Sanaya Roman, in “Spiritual Growth, Being Your Higher Self”
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