PONDER on THIS for Thursday, October 11th, 2012 by Marianne Williamson in THE GIFT OF CHANGE

“If we want to change worlds, then we have to change time slots. There’s no point in trying to watch Seinfeld at 8:00 if it’s on at 7:00. And there’s no point in trying to find miracles in the past or future when they only exist in the present. I always used to wonder what my future would be like. When I was done obsessing about the future, I would be content for about five minutes, and then I would begin to obsess about the past. It’s clear the ego has no intention of letting us enjoy the present.

And that’s because the present is holy ground – the only place where eternity meets linear time. The past is nowhere except in your mind, and the future is nowhere except in your mind. The ego is intent on having us live in one of those two realms as a way of making sure we never live at all. If God dwells only in the present, then living in the past or future is bound to be painful because it leaves Him out. Living fully in the present, the Holy Instant, is literally death to the ego – and that is why we resist it. As long as we identify with the life of the go, reality itself seems scary.”

Marianne Williamson, in “The Gift of Change”

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