PONDER on THIS for Tuesday, January 27th, 2015 by Colleen Humphries in DELIBERATE CREATION FROM A-Z – LIVING YOUR LIFE BY DESIGN

“So, how do you start to think abundantly when there are so many money issues out there; with so many people talking about how bad the economy is; with so many people still out of work and more people losing their jobs? Just how do you think abundantly? I want you to know that the Universe is ever abundant at all times. There is no big pie for all of us to just get our fair share and no more, or if we take a bigger piece, then someone else goes without. Instead, it’s like the Denny’s commercial with the “never-ending” pancakes. A man is eating a stack of pancakes and they magically fill back in where he has eaten them. It is an endless supply. That is how the Universe is with everything, a never-ending supply of whatever it is that we want. You just have to learn how to tap into it and receive it. It is there for the asking, the taking, and the receiving.

To bring more abundance into your life, start to notice abundance all around you. There is an abundant amount of stars in the sky; an abundant amount of grains of sand on the beach; an abundant amount of waves in the ocean; an abundant amount of blades of grass in lawns; an abundant amount of rain drops in a storm; an abundant amount of leaves on trees, and so on. There is always abundance in Mother Nature and everywhere else.”

Colleen Humphries, in “Deliberate Creation from A-Z – Living Your Life by Design”

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