PONDER on THIS for Tuesday, April 21st, 2015 by Tony Burroughs in THE LAW OF AGREEMENT

“When you really stop to think about it, one of the humanity’s strangest predilections is that we look for confirmation for our ailments. We look to see what happened to everybody else who has experienced similar symptoms to ours, and in doing so, we put ourselves in harm’s way. What many people don’t realize is that just because somebody else developed a chronic condition after showing similar symptoms to ours doesn’t mean the same will happen to us.

We are dealing with toxic thoughts, substances, and experiences in our world that may or may not present us with short-term aches, pains, bumps, zits, and so forth. It’s a part of life nowadays. What we oftentimes forget, however, is that a great many of the things we think are “wrong” with us are only temporary. They’ll go away by themselves in a short time if we leave them alone. Sure, sometimes we’ll need to adjust our diet or our work habits for awhile, and that is natural. But it’s unnatural for us to look too deeply for confirmation or validation for the causes of our ailments. In fact, we run certain risks when we delve too deeply, parading every disease imaginable before us in a quest to find out the cause of an ache or pain.”

Tony Burroughs, in “The Law of Agreement”

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