PONDER on THIS for Thursday, May 7th, 2015 by Polly Campbell in IMPERFECT SPIRITUALITY

“Too often in the Age of Distraction we find ways to suppress, ignore, and avoid our uncomfortable feelings. We log on, turn on, tune out with Facebook and iPads and iPods and Blackberries and reality television and trips to the mall. We do anything to move from our discomfort to something that feels better without even stopping to examine why we’re feeling bad in the first place.

This constant shifting from bad to better, without noticing what is behind the emotion to begin with, is to limit your life experience, jeopardize your potential, and totally annoy your friends. Because the habits and behaviors we use to distract ourselves also keep us from being genuine and authentic. Sometimes they lead us to addiction and other mind-numbing behaviors that end up hurting us further and dragging down those around us. Then, aside from our bad feelings, we also have our bad behavior to deal with.
When you cut yourself off from the difficult feelings, you become trapped in an image of the ideal and you spend more time projecting and doing and spending and avoiding than being present and engaged in what is.”

Polly Campbell, in “Imperfect Spirituality”

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