PONDER on THIS for Monday, July 20th, 2015 by Stuart Wilde in THE TRICK TO MONEY IS HAVING SOME

“We are constantly trying to win people’s approval because we are not taught to grant ourselves our OWN approval. In doing so we usually spend a lot of cash frantically buying things and giving money away hoping that somehow these actions will makes us OK.

Either people accept you or they don’t. You did not come here to be manipulated just to keep people happy. What you are is what you are. You CAN change that. But first you have to accept it, for it is the truth. In accepting yourself you don’t have to get into a huge ego trip, but you do have to come to the point of being satisfied with what you are.

None of us is perfect, otherwise we would not be here.”

Stuart Wilde, in “The Trick to Money is Having Some”

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