PONDER on THIS for Thursday, November 5th, 2015 by Polly Campbell in HOW TO LIVE AN AWESOME LIFE

“Some of the most awesome experiences in our lives come when we connect with others, and especially when we allow them to touch us. Think about a first kiss, or seeing a birth, or walking down the aisle, or watching your daughter graduate. Think about moving into your first house, or buying your first car. Or remember hiking over a ridge at sunset, or taking that first sip of morning coffee. Moments like these shape a life. And while we each have our own take on the world and a unique experience within it, this stuff is also universal.

We approach our lives with our own original flair, but we come together as part of this human experience. That means we all experiences loss and joy, fear and disappointment. We have all been there. And for that reason alone, everyone is worthy of our kindness and compassion.

When you can, take a moment to connect to someone’s pain, or smile when they’ve treated you poorly. If you can reach out with empathy and understanding instead of berating them for bad behavior, you are engaging in life at the fullest level. In those moments, you can remind us all about how awesome it is to be human.”

Polly Campbell, in “How to Live an Awesome Life”

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Compiler’s Note: I am about a third of the way through this book and am really enjoying it! This author’s work is just so authentic it’s refreshing.

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