PONDER on THIS for Tuesday, November 10th, 2015 by John St. Augustine in LIVING AN UNCOMMON LIFE

“When I walked to Chicago in 1996, my companions and I stopped at a small cemetery near Brookside, Wisconsin. Wandering through the rows of headstones – some dating back 150 years, some only weeks old – was a very humbling experience. As I noticed the ages on many of them from the last century, I realized that so often they had passed away in their teenage years. Some had made it into their 40s, yet still before it should have been there time. Any time that you have left – that they did not – is gravy as far as I’m concerned. Once your name is etched in stone, there are no second chances to make that phone call, no more opportunities to say you’re sorry, no more days to hold a hand or buy an ice cream or watch the sunrise. Your time is gone. How much time do you have left to really live?”

John St. Augustine, in “Living an Uncommon Life”

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Compiler’s Note: I learned recently that John St. Augustine, whose work I have quoted a lot over the years here on Pondercentral, is now producing a regular Podcast. Here’s the  link.

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