BEST of PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, November 11th, 2015 by Stuart Wilde in SILENT POWER

“When people go through the motion of walking, what they are doing, in effect, is going through a controlled fall. They lean forward with their upper bodies and throw out a leg, just in time. That’s why even a small crack in the pavement can tip them over. Psychologically and emotionally, life is the same as walking for most people.

They constantly lean into life, yearning, dreaming, pining. They are often dissatisfied with what they are and with what they have. Instead, they seek someone or something to lift them up. They want to be declared special – they want life easy, delivered on a plate. In the process of leaning, they trash their emotional balance and drift from one gratification to another. They exist at the edge of their balance and their ability to control. One adverse condition – a casual remark, a small setback – and their energy collapses. Psychologically and emotionally, they fall on their noses.

The initial point in consolidating your silent power is to discipline yourself to stop leaning. When you are the most desperate to lean in on people, that’s when you should exercise control. The game is called: “Stand Straight in Life.” Not many have heard of it.”

Stuart Wilde, in “Silent Power”

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