PONDER on THIS for Thursday, November 12th, 2015 by Polly Campbell in HOW TO LIVE AN AWESOME LIFE

“When we settle down a bit and get quiet enough to hear ourselves think, we will also hear those inner voices gossiping about us. You know, the inner dialogue that says things like,”Can you believe what she’s wearing?” or “I’ve got to get the clothes in the dryer and remember to pick up the dry cleaning.” You will also hear a whole bunch of baloney like “You can’t do that,” “That’s never going to work,” and “Who do you think you are?”

Studies show that positive self-talk – encouraging phrases like “I think I can,” “You can do it,” and “You go girl” – and those inner organizational reminders like “Pick up the milk” or “Take the fish out of the freezer” are a helpful and healthy way to support our experience.

Positive self-talk helps improve performance even more than visualization and other success-building strategies do, says researcher Randall Masciana. But those negative, critical demeaning voices? Well, that stuff is just downright defeating. So next time you her that inner chatter – and you know you will – listen up. Then revise, rework, or delete anything that keeps you from attracting awesomeness in your life.”

Polly Campbell, in “How to Live an Awesome Life”

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