PONDER on THIS for Thursday, February 23rd, 2017 by Sanaya Roman in SPIRITUAL GROWTH

“The principle of allowing is very important. You allow things into your life easily and effortlessly all the time. There are any things you think you deserve, and you do not think twice about having them. For instance, you may have all the food you want, good friends, respect and support from others and many creative ideas. You can increase the good you bring into your life by learning how to allow yourself to have what you want.

Although you easily allow abundance into some areas of your life, there are other things you think you do not deserve or must work hard for. You deserve the greatest things you can imagine just as much as you deserve all the smaller things you so easily allow into your life. You do not have to do anything to “deserve” your higher good. You are a good and worthy person. People who have abundance, loving relationships, and happiness are not more deserving or better than you. They simply allow more good things to come into their lives.”

Sanaya Roman, in “Spiritual Growth”

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