BEST of PONDER on THIS for Monday, November 6th, 2017 by Joseph Murphy in THE AMAZING LAWS OF COSMIC MIND POWER

“For countless centuries, man has looked outside himself and filled his mind with jealousies, hates, fears, resentment, and depression, due to his belief that others were marring his happiness and causing his troubles. He has believed that he is the victim of fate, chance, and accidents, and that there are other powers and forces inimical to his welfare. His mind is full of all sorts of weird ideas, superstitions, anxieties, and complicated philosophies about devils, evil entities, and malevolent forces.

The truth is that man’s thought is creative; his habitual thinking becomes his abundance or his poverty. Man must divest himself of all his erroneous and false concepts and realize that he makes his own heaven (harmony and peace) and his own suffering (misery and suffering) here and now.”

Josephy Murphy, in “The Amazing Laws of Cosmic Mind Power”

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