PONDER on THIS for Tuesday, November 7th, 2017 by Polly Campbell in IMPERFECT SPIRITUALITY

“Look at the times you’ve been mad or hurt. Were they a result of missed expectations, ideas that didn’t pan out, dreams you held in a death grip? Did you have a clear vision of how you wanted things to go and then, blip, they fell apart and so did you? Instead of accepting what actually did occur, you lamented what should have been. That’s resistance.

“If things are ucky and icky, there’s probably some resistance there,” says psychotherapist, author, and former Buddhist monk Donald Altman. “You can fight it and suffer or you can take an attitude of acceptance and see what is and live from that place.”
Resist anything long enough and the problems become bigger.”

Polly Campbell, in “Imperfect Spirituality”

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