BEST of PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, November 6th, 2019 by Sanaya Roman in PERSONAL POWER THROUGH AWARENESS

“There is a role for intellect, and that is to formulate plans, to decide where to go, and to carry things out with action. Intellect is like the captain of a ship, consulting maps, making plans and steering the ship. Yet the weather and the ocean actually determine the course; the captain must remain flexible and use his plans as a guideline. So it is with the intellect that steers your ship.

Intuition tells you of storms ahead, of detours (that turn out to be shortcuts); it monitors a future path designed to bring you your highest good. Use your intellect to set goals, to aim you higher. Focus your will and intent on going higher – that is the best use of your intellect, to keep you on course, to set goals and to interact with the world. Your intuition will take you there the best, fastest and easiest way – if you follow your feelings, hunches, inner urges, and deeper desires.”

Sanaya Roman, in “Personal Power through Awareness”

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