BEST of PONDER on THIS for Thursday, November 7th, 2019 by Arnold Patent in YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL

“Anytime we experience someone whose behavior causes us discomfort, we know that person represents someone, or is himself someone, whom we haven’t forgiven. By forgiving the person in our present experience, we are also forgiving whomever that person might represent, even though we are unaware of any connection…

Forgiveness is another way of changing our perception of people and events. Judging anything is a misperception of it. Everything that occurs is just another event or experience. It is neither good or bad, important or unimportant, right or wrong.

Why not allow ourselves to see the perfection in every experience? Life is just a series of events which we have attracted, in order to see where we stand in our personal growth. Forgiveness releases the energy block and returns us the joy which is our birthright.”

Arnold Patent, in “You Can Have It All”

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