PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, October 10th, 2007 by Karol K. Truman in HEALING FEELINGS FROM YOUR HEART

“Let us say that everything that occurs in our lives happens for a reason. Let us also suppose that everyone understands and accepts this premise as true. How would it be if each person started asking, Why am I having this experience? What am I learning from this experience? What is it mirroring to me about myself? Imagine if each person looked inward instead of outward for the cause of the undesirable things happening in their life!

You have undoubtedly heard it said that you create your own reality. Have you ever wondered just what this means? To understand this concept, we must recognize that everything is created spiritually before it is created physically…Everything is created through subtle energies—energies on the molecular level.”

Karol K. Truman, in “Healing Feelings from Your Heart”

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